Chan Wui & Yunyin Rising Star Workshop

October 11, 2017
by Mustafa Alassad
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Welcome to Chan Wui & Yunyin Rising Star Workshop

Chan Wui & Yunyin Rising Star Workshop The Analytical  Relationship Between Mobility & Communications

Workshop Goals

  1.  In-depth discussions between the selected senior fellows and fellows about the critical research questions stemming from changes in transportation and telecommunications and the intersections of the two fields;
  2.  Personalized advice and guidance from the senior fellows to the fellows on the skills essential for success in academic careers.
  3.  Participants will frame the policy issues, identify emerging research, assess the quantitative relationships to be explored, discuss applicable data on real-time bases, and propose new analytical techniques for new transportation and telecommunication system.
  4. Senior fellows will, in addition, offer their seasoned perspectives on the factors important to career success. The career development discussions will cover such topics as identifying emerging professional issues, developing contacts and peer networks, refining personal and communication skills in the workplace and in the classroom, and promoting and obtaining research support.
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